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I have to write quickly as I am headed to work in just a few. I did'nt post yesterday because well, the day just stunk from the word go. My ex-husband showed up yeterday after 6 months of not talking to myself and the kids and demanded I give them over for his two weeks. I don't think so. we got into a pissing match more so on his end then mine. I finally slammed the door on his face and then he proceeded to yell to the whole neighborhood that I am a kidnapper. Uhm, o.k. See you in court buddy.

Then I went to take the kids to their healthy child check-ups. The kids were upset about their dad coming to yell at me and not to even say hi to them, but Dr. A is a wonderful man and he knows what the ex is like. He had them laughing in no time and me practically in tears when he informed me that DS did not really pass the hearing test (he's borderline) and that he has a heart murmur. I am told not to worry though, he will just monitor DS carefully.

Today my baby boy turned 6. We had a party and I even stayed OP, (which I did'nt yesterday and I am paying for today...bleh). The party was great though and everyone had a good time. All had a cupcake and I had an apple.

Now all is resting and I am off to work in about 5 min. But I wanted to check in and let everyone know that I am still reading and keeping up with everyone. Hi to all!
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