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Default Hello ladies

How are ya all? Sounds busy in your lives.

Mama, lets take our two favorite co-workers (I've got one too) and lock them in a room together. With any luck at all they will do themselves in!

Been MIA for a couple of days, too much going on, trying to get my head above water after having a few weeks of family, fun and no work. If I'm not busy enough my MIL is here to stay for the weekend. She needs a bit of care. I have to work 10-10 today so my hubby is going to have to do that.

Went for a run yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks, WOW, doesn't take much time to lose endurance. Going again this morning before I have to get ready for work. It will be a bear of a day. The nearby university starts school on Monday and 10,000 plus kids are moving into town. The grocery stores are packed to the gills. Yuk, I hate that.

I also start my university class on Tuesday. I can't believe at my age I'm going back to school again.

I hope you all get a nap today and someone comes over with a batch of calorie-free sugar free chocolate chip cookies just for you all cause you are all so great! Have a nice weekend.
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