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Happy Saturday chickies!

It is a beautiful sunny day here in No VA. I can't wait to get out and get a nice long walk in. We'll be in the car alot today looking at houses and neighborboods etc. but hope to gett out and enjoy at least part of the day.

It's been a realy good 4 days op. Last night I treated myself to real pizza and thouroughly enjoyed every morsel of it. Of course I had a salad too, but the pesto, red onion and chicken was highlight of the meal. They don't offer ww crust, so I asked for it to be thin and didn't eat all the extra crust you sometimes get. I only enjoyed the toppings that were on the thin crust. What a treat it was.

I guess I will get some breakfast and jump on the shower. By the time I am done with that I can change out the laundry and do 3 more loads.

Mamacita-I can completely relate to having a boss like that. Fortunately, the boss who was soooo nasty left and now have a great one that lets me be. I will keep my fingers crossed that things will look up for you at work!

Weezle and KristinJ-I hope you both can stay healthy today adn not have to stay home sick.

Barb-I am impressed you even belong to a gym. Your my hero! So not my thing. I would rather get out and walk 50 miles than go to the gym. I would need to get over being around so many hardbodies.

Everyone to come....Have a fabulous day on the beach!

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