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Oooh my little brain is going to hurt trying to think of something today , since today ( the 28th) I am going to be really depressed. Ok, here goes.

1. That someone invented those WONDERFUL 100 calories snack pack things. ( nothing like no guilt for cookies, )

2. That since my job is being a *Bleep* I won't have to deal with mean, evil, rude, stupid people anymore

3. That god made cats and dogs to enrich our lives, reduce stress and give us unconditional love. ( Why can't humans do that? )

4. That I still have both of my parents.

5. That I still feel close to my grandma!ma! ( psychic link I think) even though she has been gone for three years now. It is nice to feel her presence and talk to her and know she is watching over me. Makes me less sad.
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Will someone take my fork away from me???

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