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I paid $364.00 for the program. Haven't bought the bars in bulk b/c I haven't found one I liked. I also don't have the money up front right now. My mom helped me pay for the program since I didn't have $364.00 lying around. Well I have to weigh in today I missed yesterday. I hope I didn't gain after yesterday. It seems all you guys have lost your weight so quick! That is awesome. I am just glad to see the scale move. I gained all this weight in 6 months, out of the blue. Then I started working out everyday, eating 1200 claories and the scale would not move. I have been trying everything. I haven't exercised lately and know that it would help speed this up. I just wish I had found LAWL before my wedding. I just got married in April and weighed the most I have ever weighed in my life by far. I know all of my guests who had not seen me in a while were shocked. 50 pounds is a lot of weight. Anyway...I can't wait to lose this weight and go back home and go out where I can see people and feel comfortable again.
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