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Hi, Ladies! I missed all of you!!! This place has been so busy!
I am doijng great! I am working aout and eating right. i did slip and have some pizza but I used the treadmill and worked it off and I lost at weigh in! I am feeling so positive right now. I am trying to remeber how fast I lost the forst 30 pounds and it seemed so easy. I only have 32.5 pounds left to go. I know I can do it. I too am not worrying about my rebate or meeting goal in time. I only got 33 weeks to lose 100 pounds if I take more I don;t care! My anniversary is about 3 weeks after the 33 week point so if I do it by then I will be so happy!

Sara, thanks so much! The exercise is helping me so much. I lost a pound at weigh in yesterday and I did exercise the day before. I work at a Helath Club now so it is very inspiring to wnat to work out. I wnat those toned muscles when I get to goal not a flabby thin person. I agree with you toatlally about exercising! I am going to start using weight soon. I am sorry it took me so long to reply. I was busy all wekeend then I got sick.

I better go now!
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