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Unhappy I need cussed out!!!!

What is my problem???? I'm being so bad! KristenJ talked about a swan dive off the SB diet, I've done a belly flop!!!!!

I can't even believe I dare get on the scales. Up 10 pounds now in 8 days!!!

I don't feel better, the stuff doesn't taste good and I am NOT happy with me. My kids started leaving yesterday and as much as I miss those little grandsons I'm ready for some structure and routine. My daughter leaves for Texas on Sunday. Tomorrow we are driving over to Jackson Hole Wyoming for a Celtic festival which sounds like a blast. Since the thought of haggis makes me want to gag I'm thinking I should be able to eat sensibly.

I started today off great. Decided to phase 1 it again, when my daughter wants to go to this chinese place that she loves and hasn't been to in a year. So 4 pieces of fried shrimp and french fries later!!!!!

The first 10 days of phase 1 were pretty miserable for me, chocolate addiction headache, I'm pretty sure it won't be pleasant again. I have no clothes to get back into if I continue this.

I'm pretty mad at me. Maybe if you all cuss me out I'll get back on track!
Lift me up guys, I'm drowning.............................
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