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Talking Good Morning everyone!

I apologize, this is the first chance I've had to get online today...yikes! At least it's Friday!! Thanks everyone for your ideas and suggestions and support!!!

Kamitwi, yes I know exactly what you are saying, I have what I call "batwing" arms, but oh well, it makes me think I'm a cool superhero, lol. I can't afford plastic surgery on them and even if I could, I don't think I'd do it. I love the empty hamburger bun description, yep that's me...and stretch marks everywhere to boot. I really haven't found anything that can make it better, I do use just a skin firming lotion every so often but haven't really seen a difference.

Reds, right now my exercise consists of walking my puppy three times a day. I have noticed a difference in my legs, which is where I carry most of my weight, from my behind down to my ankles. I don't exercise nearly as much as I used to when I lost all the weight before, which I know is a definite reason for the weight gain. I love to dance and can you gals recommend a fun dance DVD? I've been recently looking at "Walk Away the Pounds". Has anyone tried this? I just wondered if I might get bored with that quickly.

I think it's a great idea that we can shoot for 180's by the end of the year. Kami I agree 189 would be awesome!!! As far as eating goes, I have the most trouble at night after I get home. I do really well during the day and then cave at night. I have to get myself to start eating breakfast too, I always skip it, just because I don't feel all that hungry in the am. This week is Iowa State Fair and you wouldn't believe all of the food!!! I've been there three times already but I was only really naughty one day. The last couple of days I've been pretty good, but the weekend is coming up and it's always hard as we tend to eat out on the weekend.

Well, I better do a little work...thanks again everyone and have a wonderful day!!

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