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Thanks lilpyrate and Penny. Just knowing that there are others out there that feel the way I do really helps. I hope I can be part of your support system as well. I can definatly relate to your "gimmick" frustration. I took Metabolife two years ago and Stacker 2's about a year ago and stopped both after about 2-3 months. It got to the point where I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest it was beating so quickly. I promised myself I would never take a pill to lose weight again. So now I have to rely on willpower, and that's tough (as I'm sure you two know). Basically my fitness routine is walking. I have a gym membership but don't go on a regular basis. I'll go for a month straight and only loose 5-7 lbs so I get discouraged and I stop going. I know I shouldn't expect things to move any faster but sometimes, while I'm sweating my tail off on one of those machines, a girl with the body I want walks by and the "you can't do it" part of my brain takes over. Plus, the gym can get monotonous. I've started walking about 5 times a week. I like it. It's peacefull. Some days I take the short trail (about 2 miles) and some days I take the long trail (about 5). My boys go with me and ride their bikes. It's nice but doesn't burn a whole bunch of calories. Do you have a fitness regime lilpyrate? Penny, it sounds like you do. I've heard about that hula hoop stuff...does it work? I think I'm going to work towards 180 by the end of the year too, if you don't mind lilpyrate. Penny, if your on board you should be down to 150 by then! What do you gals think as far as diets? I love food, I can't deny it. I could never deprive myself of food, but I can replace bad food with good. I've heard it's better to eat 5-6 times a day (small and healthy meals of course) when trying to lose weight. Have you heard that? Something about boosting your metabolism. I welcome your thoughts. Goodnight ladies and thanks again!
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