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Welcome ladies - you will find many others here giving you the support you need. You have made the most important step - reaching out for help. I am 42 yrs old, have a daughter that is 25, so maybe I can be more of a motherly figure. I am trying to lose about 35-40 lbs - I'm 5'2" and today I am 172 - I am small framed so the extra weight is tough. Keep up the positive attitudes and you will achieve anything you put your minds to.

I just added a 2 more days of working out for a total of 5. I go to physical therapy 2 days a week for injuries from an auto accident this past May. I seem to be losing inches, just not weight, which hey is fine with me. I rather wear smaller clothes than worry about the number on the scale. My workouts are mainly stretching, dancing and work on the stability ball. I bought a few dance DVD's - Crunch Salsa Cardio and Hula Dancing for weight loss. Of course I would never do these in public These workouts are fun - which I think is the most important thing to keep it up.

If I can help, please let me know. I'm a great cheerleader Have a great evening. Penny
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