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Originally Posted by samilynn
I just wanted to know if anyone could give me advice for a good plan to follow. Im 18 and I wear a 20 and I really want/need to lose weight.
Hi Samilynn,

After many decades of trying every diet on the market, I've finally found one that is really working for me - the Schwarzbein Principle (by Diana Schwarzbein). I wish that I had found out about this way of eating when I was 18 (I am 55 now), I would have gotten healthy a lot sooner. Anyway, I encourage you to check it out before you decide. You can have carbs, protein, and fats and you're never hungry. You will slowly lose weight and stay healthy in the process. You can check the book out at most libraries or order it online through Read it and learn about how your body handles food and what it needs to be healthy.

Good luck!
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