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I'm not a big loser (yet) but I just felt that I needed to post a reply to samilynn. If it goes slowly, that is okay. I'm aiming for a measly 1-2 pounds a week; I don't want to get sick (I have some stomach trouble) or feel like I can't do this because it is so sudden and extreme.

I've found the best thing that I've done so far is change my attitude. When I thought of being on a diet I went to the cupboards to munch. But now that I'm thinking that I'm not "on a diet" but that I've changed my eating habits and my lifestyle it is so much easier.

I try to eat foods that are less fatty and have less sugar. Both of those together equal less calories, which is what I find it to be all about.

Most importantly when I'm eating, it's not that I'm eating only healthy food, I'm eating pretty much the same things, just smaller portions. I have the ability at a summer bbq to eat two or three hotdogs, potato salad, two corn on the cobs, mac and cheese and baked beans. And other stuff. But I'm really am just as satisfied eating one hot dog, half an ear of corn and a spoon of the beans. It's about portion control and frequency of eating. When there is food in my mouth now it is because I really am hungry, not because I thought that some cheddar crackers sounded like a good idea and I could use a munch.

I drink alot more water and seltzer, I like bubbles. I got rid of regular soda and only drink diet caffeine free colas now. The caffeine isn't good for you, it helps to dehydrate you making you crave food and salt.

I still eat ice cream and donuts. I just a very small portion and only when I really want to have something sweet. Two bites gives you the same taste and you don't feel all stuffed like a big ole sausage.

Change your life and the way you think. Eat smaller portions, reduce the calories you take in. Keep a food diary to really get a picture of what you are eating all day and how much and how often. You aren't trying to stay on a diet, you are trying to be healthier forever.

And the first time you have to go out and buy new jeans because your old ones are just too baggy around the butt it'll feel more satisfying than all of the desserts and snacks that you've had in your entire life.

Sorry, didn't mean to go on so long, but you can do it. And you can make it last forever. Really.

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