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Hey! There are plenty of good plans out there. Weight Watchers is a plan many folks follow, also South Beach, also Atkins, also the Zone, also Schwarzbein, also Dr. Phil . . . you get the idea. Do some looking around. Here are things I have found helpful in a diet:

- Nothing really odd or unbalanced. Like, no diets where you only eat grapefruit. Or that Special K Diet where you eat cereal twice a day. By two weeks you are really tired of cereal! (Yes, I did try it.)

- Many small meals are good, for example, 3 main meals and 2 snack meals at regular times.

- A choice of different, healthy foods, but not too much choice or I go too far and make bad choices.

- A regular plan to follow, so I don't find myself not knowing what to eat. Or I choose the wrong things.

The main thing I have found helpful is to stick with a plan, which for me means measured amounts of some foods and set meal plans. And then it's just a matter of keeping on doing it!

Good luck! I hope some of the "really big losers" on the site will give you some ideas also.

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