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Hey Bass,

You can learn a lot just by reading the posts on the forum and by using the other resources. One thing I would suggest is that you make a food diary and write down everything you eat, every day, for a week, and see what you are really eating. I thought I was a "moderate" eater, too--but it turned out I really wasn't. I was eating too much fat and carbs and too big portions. For instance, a salad can have a lot of fat calories if you put dressing on it, even if it's good dressing. And candy is really not going to work--I don't know of any food program that says it's OK to eat candy at all, if you want to lose weight.

Have you asked your doctor about this? Sometimes people have a problem with thyroid hormones that makes weight loss hard.

Also, some people are just heavier than others. That's a fact. The question is whether your current weight is a health risk for you. Check out the BMI information and the weight vs. height charts.

These are just some ideas--I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist, just someone who has struggled with weight.

Good luck!

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