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cobalt... you say that you're the right weight for your height, yet you're trying to lose more. why? that has serious repercussions for your diabetes. and in another post, you say that you have skipped a meal or two. and you KNOW that's not a wise thing to do. and you say that your blood sugar is under control and has been for awhile, yet you and your mom decided - without talking to your doctor - that you'd be ok on this diet if you ajdusted your insulin.

you're playing fast and loose with your health, darlin. we're mostly old ladies.. most of us are old enough to be your mother, and some of us old enough to be your grandmother or even great-grand!!! we worry.

please don't confuse our fussing with stupidity, however. many of us are living with diabetes, and know first hand how important proper blood sugar control is.

talk to your doc. if you're at the right weight for your height, as you say above, there's really no need for you to be on a diet to lose weight, is there?
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