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Oh, Michelle, that is so beautiful. (YOU were snotty!? No WAY!!!)

I'm feeling so crappy right now. I'm not losing, I'm not OP, and I haven't been to the gym in two weeks.
Because Dad is ill, I'm seeing a LOT of my sister, and while I love her so much, she is tiny and fit, and I feel like an ugly blob beside her. It's no good reminding myself that she used to be the fat one and me the tiny fit sister. It's all about now, and I CAN'T get it together.
And yes, it's affecting my happiness greatly.
But I like what you said about feeling compassion for other people. You're right... it's very humbling being fat. EVERYONE should be fat for at least a year!
I am a runner!

"Wouldn't it be wonderful to take all the evil people and put them over there, then we wouldn't have to deal with them. And all of us good people would stay right here. The problem is that the line separating good and evil cuts right through the human heart." Alexander Solzenitzen
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