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I think we'll be getting some rain later. The skies are looking pretty dark right now. It has been plenty warm enough for me. I like my AC.

Yummy. Blueberries! Sounds great.

Mimi, you make me tired! You've been so busy. Throwing out mountains of stuff can be a good thing!!! We went to Niagra Falls when Tim was about 2 years old. I know he doesn't remember much at all. lol Maybe it's time to go back.

Rainforest Cafe is expensive. We ate there for a breakfast buffet when the band went to Florida. The price was included in our total cost for the trip. The buffet was delicious. I don't know if they all have breakfast buffets or if this was a rare one. This is the one that is at the Animal Kingdom at Disney World. I've only eaten there one other time, and it was at the same one when Tim and I went to Disney a few years ago.

Anyone else here addicted to the scales? When I'm losing steadily, I tend to get on every morning. Not good, right? I lost another pound this morning, but I won't report it until Thursday if it's still gone! lol
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