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My living room is all finished. It's beautiful. I worked four of my 7 vacation days on the room but it is worth it. My next project is my bedroom. My son is going to Nebraska for 2 weeks and I will be staying in his room while I rip down old wallpaper and paint and throw out a (small) mountain of stuff. If I can figure out how to put a photo in I will include one when the rooms are done. The boys and I went to Niagara falls last Saturday we left home at 9 in the morning and got home at 2 A.M. the next day, we really had fun, and it was a good idea on my part to bring a friend for each of them that way in the evening I could just sit. Believe me I needed to. The only down point of the whole day was dinner. My oldest Mike wanted to go to the Rainforest cafe. The prices were outrageous, Dan, Alicia (Mike's girlfriend) and I only had a couple of soups and a caesar salad, and water to drink, Dan's friend Matt had some pasta, and Mike had appetizer, main course and dessert. The bill was over a hundred dollars.WHEW! If you have never been there believe me it isn't worth it. I haven't been keeping up too well with the site. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summer.
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