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Dear Amberlyn:

I have been using since 9/11/02. It has helped me get really honest about my food and given me insights to what works and what doesn't work when I am trying to lose.

I am now 246.5 down from 269.5, for a total loss of 23 lbs just from using the site everyday and being able to put EVERYHTHING in EVERYDAY, whether I am watching what I eat or not. There is nothing as telling as daily accountability. Don't get hung up on the vitamin'll be fine. Just keep recording that food and at some point you will even be weighing and measuring food without giving it a second thought.

I wish you the best and remember slow and steady wins the race!!!!!!


"Success Is The Best Revenge", Bob the Nurse and "Every Day In Every Way, I'm Getting Better & Better", Rose Milano

SW(9/2002): 269.5/CW: 242.5/End Goal:150
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