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Thumbs up Thursday Chatters for summer

Here we are in the summer. For all those new to our thread, come on and join in the discussions and support. We are a great group.

Maureen, I'm so glad you are with us again. Working 2 jobs must be so hard. You must meet yourself coming and going.
Tammy, we hope you get to feeling better.
Mimi, tell your sons that you must have you own computer time. We miss you when you don't post as much as usual.
Sis, it's so good to know that you are on the mend from that operation.
Susan,we are here for you and with you. You haven't mentioned if you have any cravings. Do you???? Are you gaining a lot of weight?
As for me, I'm back OP. This is a tough time for me.....a lot is going on. I'm glad I can come here.

Let's all do our best to stay OP----at least for a couple of days at a time.
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