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Great thread Charbar - thanks for resurrecting it! So let's hope when we read this one again in 2 years time, we will be doing all these things and more......(gulp!).

So here are mine....

1) I eat lots of fruit and some vegetables every day
2) I don't eat pre-packaged processed food
3) I don't eat 'junk' food (crisps/chips, cakes, biscuits/cookies, sweets, or anything high sugar/high fat)
4) I don't overeat
5) I enjoy the food I do eat
6) I still eat out regularly, and I make healthy choices
7) I exercise 5/6 days a week
8) I enjoy shopping for clothes, for the first time in many many years
9) I take care of my body, get my hair cut/highlighted every couple of months and generally take much more care of the way I dress
10) I feel that these changes are an easy, sustainable lifestyle....not a 'diet' which I will stop when I reach goal
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