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Ok, here goes.......and I'll go on record as saying if I think of more after posting this, I'll freely return and gleefully repost away! and I can't be responsible for going over 10 -- I've made too many changes and don't want to keep my mouth shut about any of them!

1. I now log my food religiously using wonderful software that allows me to see ALL of my nutritional intake and track my metabolic rate and see areas for improvement.
2. I now eat 5-6 small, balanced, unprocessed meals per day.
3. I now know that every week, my daily food intake averages out to 40% lean protein/35% low glycemic carbs/25% (mostly) unsaturated fat.
4. I now do HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio at least 3 times a week.
5. I now lift as heavily as I can in 3 day a week weight training, using both free weights and a Cross Bow.
6. I now drink a MINIMUM of 140 oz. of water every single day.
7. I now religiously, daily, take my vitamins and supplement with protein and some additional minerals.
8. I now keep my sodium intake below 2000 grams/day.
9. I now keep my saturated fat intake below 8 grams/day on a weekly average.
10. I now keep my sugar intake below 20 grams/day on a weekly average -- never adding sugar to anything.
11. I now always keep my fiber intake above 35 grams/day, but hit 50-60 grams about 3-4 days/week.
12. I now count my calories and understand serving sizes: my daily caloric average since March 1 is 1550.
13. I now intentionally consume yogurt with live yogurt cultures at least 4 times/week.
14. I now intentionally consume soybeans at least 3 times/week.
15. I now consciously take the longer route anywhere I'm walking, and take the stairs, and park farther, and offer to get things for anyone needing anyone to go to get anything......anything to add extra activity.
16. I no longer drink alcohol, and won't again until my weight is under control.
17. I now take an active role in my own development - to meet my goal to be a knowledgeable nutritional and fitness expert -- I'm not there yet, but I'm on my way and will always continue to seek out new opportunities to learn and develop.
18. I now seek out support and comradery from like-minded, positive, active people to help me stay focused and keep presence of mind.
19. I no longer drink soda -- diet or otherwise.
20. I no longer keep any junk food in my house.
21. I no longer reward myself with special food or great wine...I should have said by my avatar, "Ixnay the Iebray" or "Ixnay the OtMerlay!"

I did none of these things before, and was in denial about everything.
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