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Good idea, Dana. Interesting to read my own words. And to note that for the most part those changes have stayed - well, I do note the lite ice cream/frozen yogurt thing has some times been a bit more. And I'm not getting my hair done. Other things have fluctuated but are still in working condition. At the point of the original thread, I had only been working at this 1or2 months. Now it's 2 yrs. And time for more changes. I had lost about 40 lbs the first year and only about 6 the second. However, lots of other things going on that make me grateful I didn't gain.

So I guess that's the most important change - I've learned (pretty much) not to "medicate" pain with food. Still not very good at all about keeping "social" eating under control.

So I'll be thinking today about which change to tackle next. (And I think of you everytime I see my jar of key lime jelly waiting to be opened.)

Looking forward to reading more lists. Maybe I'll get some good ideas.
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