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Well okay then: This list was written almost 2 years ago.. some things are still in place

Lots of ups and downs of this jounery, eh?

Sometimes we are so tough on our selves. What habits have you changed? I bet we can all say atleast 10!!

1/ stopped drinking regular soda

2/ no longer putting butter on my toast WITH the peanut butter - I swear I used to make a 10 point pb sandwich

3/ I eat at least 1 fruit/veggie every day. Most day I eat 3-5.

4/ I drink water - never did that!

5/ I'm learning to put myself first. My ww meetings have become a priority.
I need to start doing this again

6/ I eat egg whites

7/ I no longer sit in front of the tv and eat chips from the bag - and finish the bag.
(I still eat chips - I now measure them!)

8/ I am starting to enjoy clothes shopping It's been over a year since I felt this way

9/ I want to have SEX again what's sex?

10/ I write down everything I eat - even when I cheat

11/ I no longer add butter to boxed suppers that call for it. ie. kraft dinner, stuffing etc.

We have all made changes .. what positive things have you done?

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