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Penny, that is great of you. Our home burned down when I was 8 yo. It was at like 4 something in the morning and in February and snow was on the ground. EVERYTHING got burned. The volunteer fire dept. that came out, their water froze, so it literally had to just burn. My parents didn't have home insurance either. It was bad, but of course, I can remember it happening, but I don't remember how horrible it was on my parents, as the kid, I just kind of went with them wherever they went. We finally had our home built back on the same slab. That's where I was until I got married. Anyway, EVERYONE gave us things. People we didn't know. We lived with my aunt and uncle for a while and they had this HUGE game room with only a pool table in there, and there were literally mazes through the bags of things given to us. I know that is what helped us get back on our feet. I will pray for them. I hope they can get back on their feet like my parents did.

I'll personally post to all of you later. I'm cooking dinner. Tangy chicken breast and I don't know what else.

Found out I was pregnant on May 24th.
Due February 1st, 2005
1st Doc appt. May 27th 200 lbs.
next appt.: Oct. 19th
at Sept. 21st visit, WI was 212 lbs.

My goal is to make this the healthiest pregnancy ever.

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