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Hello again!
Leigh, so sorry Liam is fussy today. Have you tried baby oragel or anything for his gums? And yes those two shrimp fajitas should include the tortillas. Of course you can make shrimp fajitas for much less than 8 pts for 2. Buy those low carb tortillas which are only 1 pt each, shrimp is very low in pts, and the onion and bell pepper are 0 pts... so each fajita can be around 2-3 pts tops! JMHO, of course. That is how I would make them. And that is so great that you have inspired your friend!! I inspired my aunt to join and she is doing great. Went down two dress sizes already.
Michelle, hope you are feeling better. Just remember that your DH was so sweet to you this morning, don't forget you DO love him!! LOL.
Penny I would love to meet everyone face to face someday too. Someday I'll get to mee Ricci because we actually go to the same city every now and then, we just need to make plans.
Cindi, in Penny's signature you'll see a link to the mom's losing weight web page and there is a chat room there we can use to chat. We used to chat everyday at 2 pm but that has been gone for awhile now. I miss it. Maybe we can set up a late night chat? Like 10 pm central or something? What do you all think? I hope your DH takes that job! Sounds good, but if worse came to worse, being a truck drivers wife isn't all that bad, really. Plus it is really good money.
Well, I have dinner going now. My kitchen is quickly getting WAY too hot. I'm probably going to be forced to turn on the AC soon. I really hate having to do that. I delt with huge electric bills all winter due to using the furnace non-stop and I just don't want another big bill so I am willing to sweat a little to achieve that but it's getting to be almost 100 degrees in this house!! Too hot. Next year we are getting central heat and air put in to save on energy and bills... but that is months away yet. We have all summer to put up with out little window unit. When it gets really hot outside it can't keep up at all.
Ok, need to go stir the beans. TTYL!

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