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Default I'm back . . .

Okay, We're back from the car dealership, so I can continue my earlier post

Michelle - Way to go with getting to 229 Hope you bask in it for a long while! I'm kind of tone deaf as well, while DH is very musically inclined, so we're the reverse of your situation

Geri - happy first Birthday wishes to Tony

Penny - Hooray on the loss!!! So sorry to hear about your neighbors. That's very sweet of you to help out.

Spryng - yeah, lamb is a red meat - it tastes a bit like beef, but slightly different Wow, that's a great descripotion there!

Cindi - ooo! Keep us posted on DH's job, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Ugh . . . it feels like Liam's been crying non-stop all day. It's enough to drive the most sane person batty. It has to be his teeth.
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