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Good morning ladies

First of all....CONGRATS TO ANDREW Penny, that is great news! Will had to get stiches in his forhead when he was about 18 months old so he had to be wrapped up in that thingy too. It was soooooooo sad I think that was worse than the stitches!

Michelle and anyone else in the 200s or close... we may still be fat, but we're not as fat as we were yesterday That's how I like to look at it! Also, we didn't get here overnight, we aren't going to get to goal overnight either...but with eachother's help we will make it!!! Hooray on the WI!!

Spryng, Dh is in again this weekend?? Seems like you were MIA last weekend...but that was me with the birthday bash Time sure flies doesn't it?? Nice talking with you again last night! I heard noises after I went to bed too and then I heard Tony at 2:30, 3:30 and 4:30 and he was up at 6:02

He's officially a year now. We decided to put money into his college plan rather than buying a toy or clothes that he doesn't need!

Crystal...YEAH to Dh for giving you your time and I'm glad for you that he was happy that you mowed.

Gas is $2.15 here...REDICULOUS!

Lisa Hey, just be happy he lights the candle!! Could me much worse....right Michele?
Flowers...what are those??? Oh yeah, the things they used to do to get lots of lovin' I hint once in a while but it doesn't seem to I'll just buy more of my own to plant in the yard

Leigh congrats on the scrapbooking...I have all the stuff but never get my butt down here to work on it after the boys go to bed. I'll have lots of catching up to do! I have Will's 1st year almost done (he just turned 3 ). Oh well!!

OK, I almost lost this post due to I'm going to end it now. Hello to everyone out there! Going to enjoy the weather today because it's going to rain again for the next 5 days on and off. Expecting another 3 inches that we don't need!!!

Bye now!

We can accomplish more together than we can alone!
~ anon

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