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Hello....Well I found you guys..Its been another hot one today..I am not liking all the bugs around here ( Arcadia's ) I think thats what they are called.. They come out every 17 years for 3 weeks and then dissapear.. They make such noise and they are everywhere..
I have to go do somemore errands tonight..No water class tonight...I hope eventually I can get on a better schudule with all of this..

Hello Finding Myself... Welcome to this thread..You have found a great group of friends here..Like Dana said we all have different weight goals and different ages.. I believe I am the oldest of the group. My name is Summer and I am working on losing 60 pounds... I have lost 14 so far and its been hard..but I will keep going and with all the support that everyone gives here..I know I can do it. We all can..Please tell us about yourself and again Welcome to our Group.. Have a great day

Dana.. I know what you mean about carbs.. I love Black Eyed Peas and I had some Sunday.,. My weight is the same.. How can a veggie be so bad..
Its a good thing that you had no weight gain..but I know its also flustrating when it stays the same.. I am there now...
It seems anything thats sticks to your ribs sorta speak is bad.. I know the feeling and also with any kind of budget streacher ( casseroles etc. ) They are bad too..It makes it hard to make the right choices.. Please dont get discouraged.. It will come off..Please try the fake mashed Pots when you can they are really good.. You are so busy with all the childrens things going on..Its that time of year..Graduations and such.. Please take some pictures if you can.. I am sorry that you have to do them alone..
Why is he not going?? Does he have to work??
Have a great day

Donna.. Thank-you for starting another thread..Like I said I didnt know anything about that stuff..but glad that you do and did..
I am sure that you are busy at your Dad's packing and you DO have alot on your plate with packing and his BD party around the corner..but I know you will get it all done..Thank-you for visting my web site and no we havent had anymore "gigs" yet.. I am hoping that we will hear something soon..I havent really been out there trying real hard to get some "gigs" cause I am working on this exercise thing and thats almost a full time job ..I have got serveral inquires from the web site..but no business from it yet... I need to look into getting more traffic there.. Thats another job.....Our Pool opens Memorial Day Weekend..Official opening will be Saturday the 29th..but it will not be open full time untill School it out here and thats the 22 of June.. It will open at 4:00-8:00 durring the week and 11:00-8:00pm on weekends untill school is out then its full time..11:00-8:00 everyday... I am working on getting it open full time next year reguardless of school not being out yet.. Hope I can get it done.. I am looking forward to see old Pool friends and make new ones...
You well have your own private pool soon..How great is that..It never closes..I am so envious.. I always wanted a pool..but I will settle for a ocean instead one day MB MB... ..
Have a great day

Have a great day

Daphne....Kris... Mr Ken... I hope you all find us... ...

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