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Good to see you back Celina! I was wondering how my fellow Flames fan was doing!

Lots of good advice here! I do hope that you will stop looking at the last few weeks as a "failure" and start looking at them as a learning experience. I think that you will find that NONE of the people who have been particularly successful with loosing weight have been perfect all of the time. I believe that those who are successful are those that know when to put a period on the end of the sentence and move on. You veered away from your eating and exercise know why....what can you do in the future should the same situation arise (and it likely will).... seem quite harsh on yourself for somebody who has taken the herculean effort to get back on the bandwagon (I know how tough it is....I think we ALL do, because we've all had to do it, too!). I also tend to be quite hard on myself, if I'm not careful. I try to filter what I'm telling myself by imagining what advice and feedback I would give one of the other 3FC members if they were posting. I have read lots of your I know (for CERTAIN) that you would never tell somebody who was getting back on plan that they were a "failure". I hope that you will stop telling yourself that....because it simply isn't true!

Looking forward to reading all of your encouraging and thoughtful posts! Take care of yourself...
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