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I understand what you are going through Celina - I have been in a very similar place recently, and begin to think that I will never succeed.

Listen to the kind advice from these ladies - and see how much weight they have lost. They are no different from you or I - they just plugged away at it, through good times and bad, and 1 pound lost became 20lbs lost, became 100lbs lost! I am talking to myself here as much as you!

Lets not give up and be miserable - lets get back on plan slowly but surely, making small changes. Good Luck!

FUNNIEGIRL - Are you new to 3fc? You sure will be an asset to this group - you offered some really sensible advice, that obviously comes from experience. Wow - you have lost an amazing amount of weight - hope you stick around, we love to hear from people who have succeeded and can share their wisdom!

Love Amanda xxx

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