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Default LWL #153: Week of May 9-15

Hello LWL!

It seems like last week was especially hard on a lot of us, Tiki, Mrs. Jim, Silverbirch, lessismore, Airegrrl, JC to name but some. (where's Mel?)
It is really wonderful to get to read everyone's philosophies, they DO help me too, it's seeing in words what I feel a lot of times and it really helps me stay focussed on what want for myself too. Thank you all!
Meg's idea about the best of LWL sounds good!

I have had a very busy week too preparing for my final move from Greece to France, working, AND being busy all over the house preparing for the tons of crap that are going to come in (my stuff) from Greece at the end of the month.
The good part is that I have lost 5 pounds so far and have tried successfully to adhere to the Trinity.
What helped me a lot was:
1. always having cottage cheese in the house and egg whites, because every time I felt like snacking I had something quick and healthy I could not feel bad about at hand.
2. I started cooking dfferently for sweetheart and me: sweetheart gets the standard stuff, a little revved up as he needs to gain on 3500 cals a day, and me the healthy stuff I prepare at the same time ( do taste but only that).
Exercize: cardio/weights 5 times this week (am going walking 2 hrs today) but strict and good!This has made me feel a whole lot better...Mrs jim's quotes were also especially good, I glued them to the fridge, Thank you ( by the way, how's the subforum on recipes going? any news?)

I have a six month goal to lose the 20 pounds I need to, so am way on track!
Goal for the next 3 weeks (on the run through 3 countries):
1. Stay clean with food
2. get my exercize in (this should be easy, my gym membership in Athens is still valid and my best friends are all there).
3. lose another 4 "real" pounds at least
4. Minimize stress by organizing everything I do as best as possible
5. not giving in when taken to dinner
6. Stop drinking coffee as it gives me the shakes anyway like Tiki + my breath smells, bleeeeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a medical check-up the other dayfrom work: BP-perfect, eyesight(with glasses) perfect, lungs-great, heart-super, weight-mwah(but knew that anyway), on the whole pretty cool for an almost 34 yo overweight...

I will probably not be able to mail the coming few weeks although I will try, so i wish you three good weeks with kept goals and as little stress as possible....

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