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Default I think it's really funny

that nobody posts on our threads but us. Apparently the people at 3fc are smarter than the cybermoms.

Wabby, the beach sounds lovely. DD and I are going in a few short weeks to the beach in NC. Of course I don't expect it to be quite as idyllic as your weekend. We are taking DD's most live-wire friend--wonderful kid, but so much energy! And my parents will be there, so I will have to tolerate the endless discussions about the next meal. And then there's my sis and her dh and 2 boys--I can't wait to see them. The baby will have his first birthday before we go and the older one will be almost 3. Fun yes, relaxing no! I anticipate putting the 2 girls to the task of entertaining the little guys, thus killing 4 birds with one stone so to speak, but that still leaves my parents to entertain.

Sugar, how's the little guy? That sounds like a croup cough, eh? Hope he's feeling better.

Frankly I think slamming the frontage into a fridge door sounds more gentle than a mammagram.

That's Lushette who's wearing a jacket over the spags. Here in Moosretch we don't have any nuns ruling over dresses. We have only our (DH and my) lonely but determined standards to hold up between DD and the general sluttiness of the local fashions.

Best of luck with the English as a Foreign Concept crowd, Cran. That brain quiz is a file, I don't have a URL for it, I just have the file. It's about 1 MB. I could send it to your Yahoo address and you could see if it would download.

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