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Good Tuesday morning!

Good book pick, Lush--I enjoyed Memoirs last summer, and TDH is actually reading it right now. You are so inspiring, Lushious one...I may also attack the kitchen floor problem. BBQ chicken for supper. And spuds. And salad. And I won't be here to enjoy it, I will be instructing adults on how to put a sentence together. Marking good news letters today. Lots of 'business-ese' used to obfuscate what they really mean. Sigh. Just say it, ding dang. Clear, direct, simple language. They don't get it.

Sugar Plum...hope the little guy is coughing less today. Dd9 is home today feeling yucky, probably from lack of sleep. We went to Red Deer to visit TDH's aunt & uncle and had lots of fun...we played cards, catch, walked in the park. Aunt Jo is amazing--she's late 50's and she is cycling 30-35 km a day training for a lengthy bike ride through the mountains in July to raise money for the Bible society. Wow. I slept in while she did her ride. Slothful, yes.

Ah, the beach. Good for you, Wabby. Sounds like fun. It's sunny but windy today, we are still skeptical about putting our flowers out for good up here...never mind hitting the beach. We are green. With envy, that is.

Phew, Peaches boobs are good. My sil sent me an e-mail last summer regarding a humourous take on mamography...something about slamming your frontage into the fridge door. Quite a doc you have there, Peaches. Sounds like she has a sense of humour. I don't think our Dr. has one. He's usually in a hurry.

Kiwi--spag straps with jacket...good compromise. Haven't attacked the cutting out of the dress, yet. Perhaps tomorrow. DD13 phoned from school this morning asking if I would bring her forgotten trumpet to school. At 76 cents a litre for gas, the short answer is no. Live with the consequences, kiddo. But I said it nicely. Really. Kiwi--e-mail the URL to the quiz. I may be no-brained.
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