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Hey Everyone!

Been thinking about you all today, but just so caught up with things, this is the first chance I've had since early this AM to read or post.

Cindy - from Sunday, I went back and looked harder at your face, and you *are* getting the sunken cheeks too! Yippeee for us!

Meg - the smoking, well, no it's not really easier. Lord knows, I wish it was and I can understand why the quit success rates are so low. I'm realizing just what a powerful drug nicotine really is, although the habit part is equally powerful. One thing I have noticed other than being able to run longer, is how much time I save by not smoking while doing routine things like hair and make-up. I am still avoiding things like the computer, or reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee. Just like some days I think I could easily go back to bad eating, I also think I can go back to smoking. But I talk myself out of it. But I'm sure glad to see you in such good spirits while recuperating!

Sounds like everyone had a pretty decent weekend! GOOD!

Tiki - I thought you were kidding when I read what you ate at the Easter Confessional, but I guess you weren't. Honey, I'd be in a coma.

Hi Mel, Karen, IN Robin, Jack, Topaz, Nola and Jennifa!

I've spent the last few days getting stuff ready for the boat. I will be going down Thursday AM and DH will come down on Friday night. He insisted that since I'm so adamant about being alone down there, that I get a cell phone. I haven't had one in years and had no desire for one, but I can see his point.
Tiki, I'll take photos this weekend for sure - she will look quite different in the water than setting on a cradle on land.

Well, lemme off of here 'cause I need to go down and lift. I've been doing some killer cardio to make up for a few food indiscretions and I'm on a roll. I accompanied DH to the doctor this morning, and the guy couldn't take his eyes off of me. I was kind of flattered but at the same time was thinking he's too old (my age) and definitely not as hot as DH, especially with DH sitting there with his shirt off. What can I say; still in love after all these years.

Hey Colleen!?! You out there?

Have a great evening, all!



Dang, I should have read last night's posts before finishing off. Where are you today, Ilene? Hope your tum is OK, or you haven't jettisoned off into the blue horizon from flatulance?

Karen - Yep me too on Sopranos, and now Deadwood. I can't believe they talked that way back then. I always have to watch the 2nd or 3rd show of Deadwood because I fall asleep before it's over. Do you like Carnivale too? I didn't like it at first because it is so bizarre, but then got hooked on it.
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