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Hi LWL! I hope everyone had a great week-end. I got home late last night after a hair-raising drive across Ohio (pretty boring, too), West Virginia and PA. Visibility on the PA turnpike through the mountains was about 20 feet, with bumper to bumper traffic hurtling along at 85 mph. I saw about 25 accidents and was almost in one. But I'm home, unscathed, except for the verboten food and drink that went in my mouth. Despite the drive, I had a lovely week-end with my daughter and her boyfriend, lots of talking, and I even went and did a workout and cardio with the boyfriend while she went to lacrosse practice. I'm sure he thinks I'm the oddest "girl friend's mom" he's ever met. He did say he wished he could get his mom into the gym and paying attention to what she eats, so I like him. And he's cute

Today was a very slow day at the gym. I think everyone still has a food hangover, which gave me plenty of time to do a very long leg workout. Probably too long, but I wanted to try some new things and I was bored. I'm sure I'll be paying for it tomorrow.

Bread and mashed potatoes????? I'm much more discriminating that that! Great story, Jack. Would have love to be listening in during that hoops session. The sabotage and comments are insidious. I still get them, and I haven't really changed much in the last 2 1/2 years. You'd think they'd just accept the new me by now.

Tik- Have fun with your cheerleaders tonight! I used to think that was all fluff, but now I realize the athletics that goes into it.

Silverbirch- Welcome! Whatever language or dialect you speak, we all have one thing in common: we're here and understand why! Where in England are you from? If you're working out at the National Mountaineering Gym does that mean you're near the Fells? My husband's family mostly live in Ulverston and we spent a few summers hiking (or trying to in the case of the anthrax summer) there.

Hi Nola- Sorry you lost your post! Come on back tomorrow.

JC- Glad you're feeling upbeat about all the changes. I think you upcoming move sounds like a full-time job so maybe the timing was a blessing. Is Ray being re-assigned or is his stint over?

Meg- I was waving frantically as I passed the turn-off to Pitt. Did you catch the breeze? Darn, if it didn't add an hour to an already long drive I would have swung through and given you a gentle hug.

Karen, Tidy, Ilene, Robin, Dip- and EVERYBODY else- HI THERE and have a great evening.

No chocolate bunnies to everyone get them out of the house!

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