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Good morning chicks! I'm off today; the window company had to send out a guy to replace our weatherstripping. The factory screwed it up. So the warranty is having to kick in. I must say the M&W windows people are great!

Well so far so good; I'm doing Phase 1.5 DH is home this week so decided to keep a few carbs in my plan. I weighed and I've lost that 2.5 pounds already! Although TOM is on the way.

Mamacita: you go girl!

Ruth: hope all goes well with your test.

I've pulled out my firm CD's and plan on starting these; I figure if I can just do some that's better than none. I've gotta get this belly off before the wedding! I did order the bunand thigh roller, I know I'm a sucker; but it actually looked like something that might work for me. I'll let you know when it comes.

Well better go see what DH is upto; we are planning on working in the yard planting a small garden and some azaleas today while I'm home once the window guy leaves. I'll try to check in later.

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