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Morning, Chicks!!

Oh, Ruth, I am sorry you get to feel like a guy in prison for a day... (sorry that was SO bad!)

Mamacita- I HATE it when carriers are stupid and/or lazy. I've taken to using UPS because, well, my UPS guy is pretty easy on the eyes (he's no Ellis' trainer, but he'll do!) and goes out of his way to make sure my stuff gets taken care of. DId I mention that he's HOT HOT HOT?

Cottage- what is this miracle paint?

Everyone else- Have a great OP day! I'm going strong already and to boot, I have on pointy shoes. You know, the kind from India/Pakistan with the curly toes? Making me EVER so happy to freak out the stoggy (made up word) lawyers and accountants upstairs. teehee!!
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