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Good Evening, Flowers!
It's been a quiet day in my neighborhood and I like it like that! I am looking forward to tomorrow because it will sort of be a shortened day in that we have an assembly at 2:00; the students put together a talent show and that is always fun. Then I have the whole next week off for Easter -- er, um, I mean SPRING break! In February some of us were trying to decide which Sunday was Easter and the school calendar doesn't have any holidays marked.

Maggie -- A BIG CONGRATULATIONS on the great loss! I'm sure you are tickled Pink! Isn't is great to see the results when you set your focus and just do it?

I need to do a search and find my black turtleneck. The faculty has bright colored T-shirts that we are all supposed to wear tomorrow. The student council had them made for us. It's still too cold to just wear a T-shirt and I'm not sure where my long sleeved shirt is so the search is on!

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a great weekend!

Jean -- in Iowa!

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