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Hi ladies,

Kayecee - are they just about finishing picking the jury? Are you on it?

Angie - Katie's play is Amy Goes Army. Sounds sorta like Private Benjamin to me.

Susan - our town delivers flowers, but not out here in the boonies. Also no pizza delivery.

Marti - hey, girl! So you're taking a break from scrapbooking, huh? Wow, the coast, a casino and the mall. Sounds like a lot of fun! When Neal and I went to San Diego I got to wade around in the Pacific and loved it! It was too cold to swim but the view is fantastic. Glad you two are relaxing and having fun.

Cristi - where are you, woman?? Out buying boats and other nautical stuff?

Oh you guys will be so proud of me! I went for lunch with my friend and we went to this little tea room downtown. Guess what? They actually had a WW Winning Points section on the menu! I've been to this place before, but this is new. So I had 1/2 of a warm pita, w/turkey and lettuce with an array of fruit. Yum! The atmosphere in there is so feminine and nice. Anyway, I had a great time with my friend and stayed OP, too.

Better go,
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