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Good morning Ladies! TGIF!!

Cristi - well, they named the baby Kacey. (Didya hear that, Kayecee?) She sure is pretty. There is a huge Sam's in Evansville, so be sure and bring your card in August. I don't belong, but I go with my sister once in awhile who does belong. I buy Yankee candles at Hallmark, but haven't smelled the Wedding scent. Now I will.... One of my faves is Home Sweet Home scent. Yay for finding the sailboat.

Susan - bet your birthday was lots of fun. I was hoping Alex would come through for you! Hope your celebration was great. I can't believe I forgot to send you a snail mail card!!!!! My bad!!!!! I was concentrating so hard to get Marti's wedding card sent, I guess I spaced it. I'll send you two next year, ok?

Angie - wish I coulda been there for the opening of your play. I bet it's a hoot. Katie is stage manager for at least one play they are doing at school. She asked for that position although she has no clue what to do. But the drama teacher is supposed to teach her... that's what it's all about in high school, I guess. I have a debit card but forget to use it! Monday when I was shopping in Evansville w/dsil, the guy at Journeys said they don't take checks. So I was real glad I had the card.

Remember my friend who had a hysterectomy last week? She is doing fine and we are going out to lunch today. It is supposed to be in the 70's again and I'm loving that! Mary is going to clean the house tomorrow for $$ so I don't have to worry about cleaning. Like I was worried about that, lol.

Better run,
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