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Default Hiya ladies!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSAN!!! You know we are all with you in spirit -- hope you had a wonderful day. Getting flowers is absolutely fantastic -- from your girls AND your sweetie! How nice

Angie -- ow ow ow on Brandon's toe! I cringed reading that. Hope he's feeling better soon. How long was it bothering him before he finally told you? When my middle son was about 5 he picked up a washer in the church parking lot and put it on his finger (don't ask me why). He didn't tell us until a few hours after church, and by then his finger was swollen and kind of purple. We tried stopping by the fire station because someone told us they have a ring cutter, but they couldn't get it under the washer to cut it. We ended up at the emergency room, and they were talking about knocking him out and dislocating his finger to get it off!!! Fortunately, a smart nurse thought to wrap his finger very tightly in string to counteract the swelling, dumped about a quart of mineral oil on his hand, and managed to work it off his finger. Yay for smart nurses!

Marti, hoping you and James are having a lovely honeymoon

Cristi -- stop, you are making me want to shop! I already spent a bit today...books and went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. I had a big salad for dinner, but drank a Hurricane, so I don't feel too virtuous. Ah well, tomorrow is another least we didn't order dessert.

OK, gotta get a shower and off to bed. See y'all soon...

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