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Hi, Meliris. That's so interesting what you said about bf% being higher if my body burns lean muscle mass. I think you're on to something. Even when I've been the weight I want to be, I always seem to have a high body fat percentage. I blamed it on genetics and my lackluster lifting routine, but now I'm wondering if working out on an empty stomach might be a contributer.

So, here's my question (sorry to highjack your thread, BellyDancer!) to Stef & Meliris or anyone else who wants to chime in: what would you suggest someone like me --who works out in the a.m. & wouldn't have time for my food to settle-- eat/drink before my workout? I haven't tried eating/drinking anything before working out in years after having a negative reaction to it (as explained in previous posts). I guess the key would be something that would digest quickly.
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