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Well, today is WID for me. 1/2 of a pound lost. Not a lot, but at least it's in the right direction.

This weekend was one of the best that I've had in awhile. I think I'm coming out of the depression I've been in lately. I cleaned my kitchen and bathroom this weekend. They look as good as they did when I first moved into the apartment. This week after work I'm planning to clean my living/cutting room. A couple of months ago I stored my dining table and chairs so I could use the "eating area" of the living room to open my big cutting table. I'm sure it would have been better for changing my behavior while eating if I sat at a table, but I felt I needed an area for cutting fabrics more. Someday when I can afford a larger apartment, I'll move the table and chairs back in.

I've done something extravagant. I ordered Dr. Phil's book on CDs. I plan to listen to them while I walk. This will give me incentive to walk and motivation from the "horse's mouth" while I'm walking.

Summer and Dip, do you have any weight loss rewards planned for yourself? I plan to buy a new music CD after my first 10 lbs are gone. Only 9 1/2 lbs to go! My mother and dad gave me a mother's ring years ago. My fingers have been too fat to wear it. A short term goal is to be able to wear it by this Mother's Day. I think I'll put it on a chain and wear it around my neck to remind me of my goal.

Guess I better do some work. Have a wonderful day.

I am learning to be patient and compassionate with myself as I gain the courage to be true to myself. Shakti Gawain
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