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Good morning, chicks.

DH and I were just heading out for a walk earlier when it started raining. So we switched up our plans and went to the grocery store and bank instead. Looks like I will have to work out inside.

Now I'm trying to figure out the highest priority tasks for the rest of the day; I suspect laundry and carrying boxes out of the attic are the winners as well as planning some meals. I see a week of late afternoons coming up since Friday is our Robotics tournament. No matter how I try to keep them on task there is always a last minute scramble of changes!

Other than that it is drinking extra water and getting my eating back on track. With any luck by Monday morning I will drop the holiday water weight and see where I am. It would be nice to lose a pound in December.

Pearlrose, I might not do the tree until next weekend; the way the calendar falls I feel like we have an extra one this year.

Debbie, it sounds like you are having a productive time in Alaska. Enjoy your luncheon.

Ruth, not sure whether to wish the rain turns to snow for your pageant or not. Good luck with your chores.

Schmoodle, I hope the washer/dryer issue gets resolved soon. Have a good trip.

To all the other chicks, have a great Saturday.
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