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Default Medifast versus Wonderslim

So, I was on Medifast for six months last year and managed to lose 65 pounds. I think it's a great program, but super expensive if you're on a budget. I have used Wonderslim over the past six months and while I have maintained my weight, I have not lost. While I like the price of Wonderslim better, of course, I believe Medifast is best for my particular genetic makeup. Everyone is different and some people that are more active than I am may still lose on Wonderslim, but it didn't put me into ketosis (fat-burning mode) like Medifast did because there were more carbs and fat in the Wonderslim foods I ordered than there are in the Medifast. Medifast also has a lot of vitamins in their supplements, so that's a plus too.

I order my Medifast through TAKE SHAPE FOR LIFE, which is a really nice company with free health coaches and a good online community if you need/like that sort of thing. If you join what is called their "Be Slim Club" you get a small discount on the Medifast food, but it doesn't add up to much. The "Be Slim Club" is free; the only requirement is that you have to place one order every so often (I can't remember if it's two months, three months, or what?) but you save about $10 on each order if you order $200 worth of supplements.

Has anyone else had any luck with Wonderslim and been able to compare it to Medifast? I'm starting back on Medifast on July 1st and want to consider ordering from DIET DIRECT for Wonderslim products too and see if I can continue to lose weight.

The Take Shape For Life program did give me a meal plan on how to take off weight without meal replacements too, so that was a plus as well if you are not someone who can afford their meal replacements and want to just eat three meals a day with no snacks.
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