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Smile 2,5 years binge-free and never gained a pound back: Maintenance and FREEDOM goal!!

Hi you awesome women!

After this Easter holiday, I am so happy to share with you my goal of never binging again since 2,5 years, still slimming down and getting fitter without obsessing about my food ever again.
I had an amazing relaxed easter, yes I hate chocolates, no I didn't feel the desire to make myself sick and I was able to stop when I had enough.
PLUS I didn't feel guilty at all, nor did it make me gain weight or fall into a binge-circle/hating myself **** at all.

This would have never been possible 3 years ago, even last year I was dreading this to happen (although it didn't) but this year I didn't even think of it!

Being at this stage is amazing for me and would have never been possible without the key changes I made these last 2,5 years:
- eat enough
- eat when you think of eating
- be always stocked and packed with fresh food on the go
- enjoy the food you crave, and start to prepare for those cravings, so I can prepare healthy tacos in advcance, knowing that otherwise I WILL go for the fast food or industrial option. Same for lasagna, chocolates, anything. I know what I like, so I plan to eat it, but eat the healthiest version of it
- relax, have more fun, fill your life with exciting tings so food isn't your only friend.
My biggest mistake (the one that made me gain 30lbs) was: ISOLATING myself (out of shame, self-hatred). I swore to never do it again, this is what will keep you stuck there.

Anyway, I am happy to share and I wish I can help someone who is in the same stage as I was a few years ago.
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