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Originally Posted by Tesia View Post
I have Ra and have been taking 20 mg daily for too long. I need a diet plan that will work! Any advice is appreciated!!
Tesia, I'm in the same boat. I started cortisol around 2 years ago along with thyroid meds, sex hormone supplements and HGH (human growth hormone) injections since my diagnosis. It's the steroids that give me the worst side effects. It's the weight gain, the moodiness, the exhaustion plus my Doctors still haven't cleared me for physical therapy even though I've fully recovered from back surgery (broke T7, they fixed it as an outpatient proceedure with something like Quickcrete) and complete recovery from broken heel - both happened within the same month a year and a half ago. Still no physical therapy!? I'm bedridden for the lack of it! And whilst bedridden, the steroids are blowing me up like a balloon. The first month I gained 40 lbs. I hardly eat as what for? I'm not even moving except for breathing. Have you had any success yet?
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