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Hey Gayle and Tina I see your yolk glowing! Someone to share my morning coffee with.

Sherry please slow down and take time for yourself. I am worried about you. If I could I would send you a snow day so that you could get it off. There is big fluffy snow flakes falling here right now. I think that you are going to bring everyone luck with that St Pat's train. It is cute. Was it there when you first started the thread? I remember looking and seeing out names but that was it.

Debbie glad that you didn't get sick like James. Still soup yesterday he must have been really sick.

Gayle thanks for the virus warning. There are so many sick people out there with nothing better to do.

Tina great going on inches lost. It must feel incouraging.

I stayed on program yesterday. Thanks for the motivation Debbie. Your count down helps me too.

So Sherry has butter cups trying to bloom anyone else have some spring flowers blooming....I need to dream.
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