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Summer, LOL, yep, I think you *are* a tough case. Although I am easily still a sucker for sweets, I can enjoy them once in awhile, and then immediately turn back to eating the way I should. Cake and pie, muffins, sweet rolls, and home-made cookies are my weakness. I allow myself a free meal each week, usually on Friday evening because Friday mornings are my 'official weigh-in day.' But Saturday morning, I'm ready to go back on program. If it's not free meal day, and I see something I absoultely have to have, I apply the 3-bite rule. 3 bites and down the disposal it goes. 3 bites will not do significant damage.

I've always been been a big milk drinker too, but not anymore. I only used skim milk on my oatmeal (no cereal because it's too highly processed), but learned to enjoy oatmeal with defrosted frozen blueberries or strawberries and Splenda. I'll have an occassional bowl of Special K and skim now and then, though. Even 2% tastes like cream to me now. I leave a cup of green grapes out each day and a cup of sliced cucumbers for "grab snacks." I have found that the longer you go without something, the less you will crave it, and eventually not want it at all. I've heard maintainers and many losers say that also.

As you enter the front door of my grocery store, the bakery is on the right and the deli is on the left. You have to pass both to get to the produce. I stare straight ahead, concentrating on the produce, and shield my eyes with my right hand as I pass the bakery. Best time to go is in the evening when they are not baking. In the old days, I would buy myself a few Krispy Kremes to eat on the way home. That was a hard habit to break, but I haven't purchased anything to eat on the way home for a year. The smells emitting from Burger Kings and KFC's don't bother me anymore. I can think, "Gee, that smells good" and let it go. I guess it is just a matter of retraining and breaking the associations.

My worst time is around 4PM when I start dinner. The best filler upper I can make for myself is a whey shake with a 1/4 - 1/2 cup fat-free cottage cheese. I'll drink it down, and will be satisfied, and some times don't even finish my alotted amount of protein and veggies.

I think the best thing I do for controlling my food beside not buying it, is planning my intake each morning on and stick to it. The food is prepared on Sundays and Wednesday, so I know what's available that will fit my new lifetsyle. I don't crave vegetables, but plump juicy fruits are appealing.

My DH still has a candy stash, but doesn't have to hide it any more. In fact, I buy it for him, and it doesn't appeal to me. If I want something chocolate, I'll have a fat-free hot chocolate or a sugar free fudgsicle, but don't do that much any more either. If I'm really desperate, I'll ask him for 2 tootsie roll midgees.

Ya just have to give it time, and learn to trust yourself.

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